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James R. Delaney

James is a self-taught American photographer currently based in Alaska. As an outdoor enthusiast, an avid explorer with a strong connection to nature itself, he has dedicated his life to endless adventures with a camera in hand. All in effort to help preserve our beautiful planet and to inspire others to submerge themselves in adventure. James finds love, meaning, and balance in his work through three main categories: Nature, Adventure, and Travel. All viewed and captured through the camera lens ..    

Nature: "We are truly blessed to live on one of the most beautiful planets out there. My photography started out as studio work and commercial shoots. But it didn't feel right,  I wasn't finding joy in the previous monotonous work I was doing.  At the age of 19, I picked up a camera and began to shoot photographs of my surrounding, specifically, the nature around me. In awe of the creativity and inspiration that nature gave me, I began my pursuit in submersing myself in it and the endless possibilities it provides. The new found joy in photographing nature derived from the passion and appreciation I found for nature itself."   


Adventure: "I'm always in search of that desolate, blissful landscape, but with the search comes, usually, an adventure. One that will remind me of all that I am and challenge my mental & physical capabilities. To me, the moment everything goes wrong is when the adventure begins. The serene landscapes that attract me often provide inhospitable environments- the magic of the Northern Lights in 40 below temperatures,  split boarding through dangerous avalanche terrain,  terrifyingly narrow slot canyons chest high in freezing water with a threat of a flash flood, these types of adventures provide a thrill within, an exhilaration that gives me my passion to pursue fulfilling photographs." 


Travel: "Submersing myself in new lands and countries provides life changing experiences which allows me to continuously evolve my views and my photography. Learning new cultures, new languages, new ideas and ideologies inspires me to explore anything and everything. Documenting the beauty of diversity and hoping to inspire others to endlessly engage with the world around us. For me, the most important thing we can do as humans, is to continue our pursuit in knowledge and curiosity, expanding our views and engaging creativity. Photography allows me to translate these new perspectives through the viewfinder and show-case the beauty of our world."

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